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Memphis Road Trip Signs 2013

June 8, 2013

Earlier this month we traveled to the Beale Street Festival in Memphis. We decided to make it a road trip, air travel being too expensive and really irritating nowadays, and we found more fun signs along the way.


Our route took us through southwestern New York, where there’s a large Seneca Nation reservation, and the highway signs include the Seneca language. Oddly enough, the casino signs for said reservation aren’t in that language.


Traveling through the South, you kind of expect to see billboards exclaiming about doom and gloom and professing to have the answer for your salvation. So I wasn’t surprised by this one, which is actually quite tame, comparatively.


If you look carefully, you’ll see a surprising (in this day and age) Southern phrase in the right-hand corner. Actually, as someone who spent her first eight years as a Southerner, I never thought it meant anything than an old man and/or grandfather. But what do I know?


Yep, they still say “y’all” in the South. And not just on water towers.


It’s hard to take a road trip in this country without seeing a sign for a really oddly named town or city. This one is my favorite from Tennessee, taken on I-40 between Memphis and Nashville.


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